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Exceptional speech therapy approaches

The efficient team at Avenue Homecare Services Inc. provides an array of effective speech therapies. If you experience difficulties in speaking because of speech disorders or other medical conditions, turn to our team to help you overcome your problem and speak fluently.


We can help you deal with any difficulties you face while eating, drinking, or swallowing.

All-encompassing speech therapy services

  • Rehabilitation after head and neck surgeries

  • Stroke rehabilitation

  • Therapy for eating, drinking, and swallowing difficulties

  • Therapy for respiratory troubles

  • Therapy for developmental stuttering

  • Therapy for cognitive disorders

Recover fast with our help

While our dedicated therapists strive to implement a personalized treatment plan for you, it's important that you follow all the medical advice we offer to reap maximum benefits. Remember to talk to our friendly staff if you need occupational therapy or social services.

Facing trouble while swallowing food or drinking water? Call: