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Competent occupational therapists in Boston, MA

If you are looking to get postoperative care after an orthopedic procedure or need to be treated for any work-related injuries, the trained occupational therapists at Avenue Homecare Services Inc. will have you covered.


Team up with our registered therapists and prepare a schedule that gives you the best chance of recovery.

Therapy for a wide range of ailments

  • Adult rehabilitation

  • Vision rehabilitation

  • Hand therapy

  • Work-related injuries

  • Chronic pain

  • Body weaknesses

  • Developmental delays

Quality medical assistance

Our qualified therapists will work closely with you to help you regain your motor functions and your ability to move on your own. We'll help get your life back on track and eliminate all the roadblocks on your path to recovery. Contact us if you need physical therapy or social services.

Contact a therapist to provide you with exercise therapies. Call: